API Change log

Released 2019.01.09

  • no changes

Released 2018.12.12

  • Added a way to rotate access_token signing key
  • Ticket "last changes" information in API
  • CM API route can now retrieve all the available ticket sources
  • Added IQL querying language documentation 

Released 2018.11.07

  • Fixed: updated one of the library dependencies with a security fix to avoid problems when transitioning to/from Daylight Savings Time.

Released 2018.10.17

  • Fixed: Updating the "extra data" of a ticket when it had not been set previously in Backstage resulted in failure. This is now fixed.

Released 2018.10.03

  • No changes.

Released 2018.09.19

  • No changes.

Released 2018.09.05

  • General Performance improvements: Improved the way attachments in tickets are created, loaded and downloaded. This will have a positive effect on the Backstage, specially related to database and overall application speed.

Released 2018.08.22

  • Fixed: The [GET] /classifications endpoint returned an incorrect "breadcrumbs" path. The classifications "tree" should now appear in the correct order.

Released 2018.08.08

  • Fixed: Occasionally the DELETE /queues endpoint was not moving properly all the tickets to another queue. This has been corrected.

Released 2018.07.25

  • Added: A ticket's external_id is returned in all the /tickets endpoints. This id can also be used in GET requests as a filter, to find a ticket by its external_id.

Released 2018.07.11

  • Fixed: Some queries to retrieve tickets from the archive did not work. They do now.
  • Fixed: Minor issues related to sending inline attachments.

Released 2018.06.13

  • Limit access for tokens generated from domain keys. This allows doing client-side (no hosting) integrations, which create tickets without having security issues
  • Add support for inline attachments.
  • Fixed: Make sure the ticket description always returns HTML instead of plain text

Released 2018.05.30

  • Set the ticket creation time as the default value for the last reply time. This allows ordering tickets by last reply having into account the tickets creation date

Released 2018.05.16

  • Fixed: the ticket history endpoint (GET /history) was returning invalid data in some rare cases
  • Added extra parameter validations on [GET] /tickets endpoint to prevent errors

Released 2018.05.02

  • Fixed: minor fixes in response consistency
  • Added new endpoint to retrieve a ticket history ([GET] /tickets/{id}/history)

Released 2018.04.04

  • Fixed: bug that sometimes returned a 500 error instead of a 404 when asking for an non-existent media
  • The language of a ticket will be detected automatically upon creation whenever possible instead of always using the default language