API Change log

Released 2019.01.09

  • Clicks on related contents are logged now with the data key CLICK_RELATED.
  • The "Fromsite" filter in the Dashboard tabs is renamed to "Environment", and you can now filter Dashboards by Development and Preproduction environments in addition to the Production environment.

Released 2018.12.19

  • Fixed: There was a conflict with legacy form databases that sometimes caused content to be evaluated as an action with no data fields and not as a simple content. This is now resolved.
  • Documentation: We have updated the actionFields section of the Chatbot API Answer types to include information about the "datePicker" fieldType. The API returns this information when a date variable is used in Actions.

Released 2018.12.12

  • Setting the SDK to use the Development environment no longer causes a crash after the user clicks on a related content.
  • Added a new function to the Chatbot API that facilitates changing the conversation token signing keys.
  • Changed conversation session signing key to a new one. 
  • Fixed: Setting the Chatbot with nonexistent profiles and using Direct Calls no longer causes an error. 

Released 2018.11.07

  • Fixed: The data key "START" was logged as if it were in a production environment even though the Chatbot is in the development environment. Now it will be logged as "external test".
  • POST conversation/variables also accepting numeric values.
  • In order to track custom user_info and USER_BROWSER and not send extra API requests, we have added a "tracking" parameter in the conversation endpoint payload, with "userInfo" attribute in it. The keys defined inside this attribute will be tracked as USER_INFO. 
  • PHP session storage will now expire after 30 minutes of inactivity instead of 24 in order to standardize this session expiration time across all products.
  • Hotfix: Updated one of the libraries used by the API to ensure smooth transitions to/from Daylight Savings Time.

Released 2018.10.17

  • Added: New POST conversation/variables/options endpoint will return variables with a set of predefined options.

Released 2018.10.03

  • Fixed: Renamed system variable sys_consecutive_unanswered to sys_unanswered_consecutive. You can use this variabel in automatic transitions in the Dialog Manager. 

Released 2018.09.19

  • Added: Support for System Variables 
  • Added: Support for Non-Matchable contents
  • Added: Support for No-results Dialog 

Released 2018.09.05

  • Added: Some Direct Answers can now be replaced by contents with the correctly configured Direct Call name. For more information, see Customizing direct answers.
  • Added: Automatic transitions now support new logical operators ("<", ">", "<=", ">=").
  • Fixed: Validation exceptions 422 were returning an HTTP status code 500; now they return a 422 HTTP status code.
  • Fixed: Direct Calls with empty message were failing. This was fixed.
  • Fixed: Automatic transitions were not working after a button transition. Now, they are allowed.
  • Fixed: Automatic transitions were not working after another automatic transition. Now, they are allowed.

Released 2018.08.22

  • No changes

Released 2018.08.08

  • Added: userInfo endpoint to API.

Released 2018.07.25

  • Added: Direct Calls now allow bot masters to force load a specific content in Chatbot.
  • Fixed: Ratings are only shown after the associated form action in instances with the Ratings dynamic setting created.
  • Improved tracking response to invalid tracking code: it now returns a 422 error instead of a 500, and provides more feedback with a dev-friendly message

Released 2018.07.11

  • Added: Variable captures in different scopes: always, within intent, form fields only and validation only
  • Added: Variable captures using regex
  • Added: Variable capture using lists
  • Added: Variable capture filtering using string, number or date data types
  • Added: Different behaviors for form fields: always ask, skip, confirm
  • Added: Use captured variable values when displaying contents
  • Added: Obfuscate in UI sensitive type variables
  • Added: Ratings display configuration using RATINGS dynamic setting: true, false, auto. (See Content Ratings for more info.)
  • Added: In multiple results from a dialog, do not show children if there is a parent with higher score
  • Added: New logic that permits the use of variable values within content attributes
  • Added: Webhooks send conversation session id
  • Added: PolarQuestions and MultipleChoiceQuestions returning attributes
  • Added: Get variables endpoint
  • Fixed: Forms return rating on end form instead of between answer and first form question
  • Fixed: no-subset-match direct answer in Catalan

Released 2018.05.30

  • Fixed: log ratings properly when multiple contents are shown

Released 2018.05.16

  • Fixed: API not returning rate code (hotfix)
  • Fixed: use default timezone in logs
  • Fixed: corrections in exit labels in all languages
  • Added support for grouped attributes

Released 2018.05.02

  • New Surveys endpoint

Released 2018.04.18

  • Added: support for multiple external results (KM and Search API)
  • Added: new attribute source to answer output, with type (chatbot/external_km/external_search) and name (base name defined in Federated Bot configurator)
  • Fixed: intents with no results are logged

Released 2018.04.04

  • Federated Search
  • Updated to AIML v3. It compares the scores from KB and AIML in order to return the best matching.
  • Added: After a subset of options with no matchings, bot will search in all bases than just Chatbot contents
  • Added: New direct answer on skipping all check questions (all-options-discarded)
  • Added: Generic bot messages now return specific flags in answers
  • Fixed: Added translations for 'yes' and 'no' options of check questions
  • Fixed: problems with AIML logs
  • Fixed: Data2Extract variables with non-lowercase names can detect prefilled variable values