API Change Log

Released 2019.10.16

  • Added: You can now use null values as filters on all fields, even if they allow multiple values.

Released 2019.10.02

  • Improved API Routes and API definitions in the Developers Portal. API Routes now clearly define properties for raw events and the API Definitions was cleaned up to remove redundant information and show only relevant entities for developers.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where, when a property of an aggregate did not have any values, an array with a null value was returned. This is now fixed.

Released 2019.09.18

  • Added: We added a "no_results_count" metric to the "session_details" aggregate. It counts how many events in a particular session contained the "NO_RESULTS" data key. This new metric is not returned by default: To start using it, you must add it to the "properties" filter.

Released 2019.05.26

  • Added: Aggregates endpoints. These endpoints give you access to aggregated data. The metadata endpoint gives you information about what aggregates are available at a given time. This first version introduces the aggregate "session_details" that groups sessions together based on their session_id. For more information, see Reporting API Routes.

Released 2019.05.15

  • Added: Aggributes endpoints. Aggributes are attribute collections that help you build your aggregates and enrich your tracking data. The API has now two endpoints to retrieve them, /aggributes to see which ones are available and /aggributes/{key} to get all the values for a specific one. For more information, see Reporting API Routes.

Released 2019.04.03

  • First release.