SDK Change log


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Version 1.30.0 (2020.06.10)

  • HyperChat cookies are now marked as "secure". This means that they will only be transmitted over a secure channel (typically HTTPS).

Version 1.29.0 (2020.05.27)

  • Fixed: security issue in the request to open a WebSocket connection.
  • Fixed: chat conversation transcript PDF was not being downloaded in iOS.

Version 1.28.0 (2020.04.29)

  • Added: There is a new property for agents called “gender”. This property will now be returned along with the basic agent's data when they join the chat.
  • Updated: We updated the version of the WebSockets client library to prevent security issues and improve performance.

Version 1.27.0 (2020.04.15)

  • Added: the “user:updated” event is propagated in the SDK. This allows listening for updates in the users' data.

Version 1.26.0 (2020.04.01)

  • PDF transcripts now accept and correctly render HTML in messages.
  • Fixed: There was a conflict between cookies if the end-user and the agent were connected using different tabs on the same browser. This is now fixed.

Version 1.25.1 (2020.01.22)

  • Fixed: A bug was found that affected chat transfers. This is now fixed.

Version 1.22.6 (2019.11.27)

  • The "Agent has left the chat" events were not being shown in the default PDF transcript when the end user downloaded the chat conversation. 

Version 1.22.5 (2019.08.07)

  • Fixed: A bug was found where the downloaded conversation transcript did not have the “.pdf” extension, which could cause issues with certain OS. This is now fixed.

Version 1.22.4 (2019.07.24)

  • Added: Basic settings are now retrieved from the server upon SDK initialization (To activate the queue mode, it is no longer necessary to specify it in the configuration).
  • Fixed: A bug was found where, when a user closed a chat then opened a second chat using the same browser window, an error occurred in the escalation process. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where sometimes, an error occurred when a user tried to download the conversation transcript. This is now fixed.


Version 1.22.3 (2019.07.10)

  • Fixed: There was a problem when the SDK loaded in IE11. This is now fixed.
  • Added: Diagnoser methods are now documented in the SDK JS-Client section. They can be used in any integration to run diagnostics on the configurations and conditions of your environment. 

Version 1.22.0 (2019.05.15)

  • Added new region: JP

Version 1.21.0 (2019.05.07)

  • Added the Users Queueing System.

Version 1.20.0 (2019.04.17)

  • Improved the default styles of PDF transcripts to polish the layout and formatting of the files that users download.