Chatbot Overview

What do you get when you combine the best AI and Machine Learning technology with a Natural Language Processing engine with over ten years of lexical development? Inbenta Chatbot is a sophisticated chatbot engine, equipped with semantic search and transactional intelligence. And if you add one of our state-of-the-art 3D avatar, the ultimate face-to-face customer experience.

Table of Contents

  1. API
    • API Setup - Getting started with the Inbenta Chatbot API: set up the API, request and retrieve information.
    • API Routes - API endpoints, requests and response formats.
    • API Definitions - Bot responses schemas.
    • API Tracking Guidelines - Recommended tracking settings for optimal Chatbot analytics.
    • API Answer Types - Explaining the possible answers that Inbenta Chatbot returns and their possible attributes and parameters.
    • API Direct Answers - Inbenta Chatbot's static, automated answers.
    • Webhooks - Explaining Webhooks and how Inbenta Chatbot uses them.
    • API Change Log - Chatbot API version log.
  2. JavaScript SDK
  3. Language Detection

Note: Make sure that you have all your credentials and necessary assets available before you start using the API or the SDK. If you need help, contact Inbenta Support.