Editor API Change Log


  • No changes

Released 2021.10.05

  • We updated the Chatbot Editor API documentation to use terms like “intents”, “folders”, “data fields”, etc. that correspond to the new intent editor wherever possible.

Released 2021.09.07

  • New Feature: New endpoint POST /publication that allows to publish programmatically an instance to Test and/or Production.

Released 2021.08.24

  • We improved the security of HTTP headers.

Released 2021.06.29

  • Fixed: now directCall and dynamicRedirect values can be removed on editing contents (previously empty values were not allowed).

Released 2021.06.01

  • Fixed: We fixed some issues on managing multiple attribute groups.

Released 2021.04.20

  • Added: New endpoints to manage forms programmatically.

Released 2021.02.23

  • Added: There is a new set of /actions endpoints. These endpoints allow to manage actions programmatically.

Released 2021.02.09

  • Added: There is a new endpoint called DELETE /contents/{contentId}. This endpoint allows to remove contents programmatically.

Released 2020.12.23

  • Added: We improved internal API error reports.

Released 2020.11.11

  • Fixed: We made improvements to the security of the auth token validation.

Version 1.0.0 (2020.09.30)

  • First release