Rate Limits Overview

Inbenta applies API throttling and rate limits to ensure the stability and availability of its service.

Our API throttling and rate limits policy applies on a per API Key basis across three endpoints groups:

  • Authorization group: /auth and /apis endpoints usage is counted separately from other endpoints
  • Reporting group: Reporting endpoints usage is counted separately from other endpoints
  • Product group: Knowledge, Search, Chatbot, Case Management and Hyperchat endpoints are all covered by the same API throttling and rate limits policy per API Key.
  • Endpoint specific rate limits: POST or DELETE endpoints may fall under specific throttling and rate limits rules on a per endpoint and per API Key basis.

• If you wish to perform a test of your current rate limits, please contact your Inbenta representative. Please do not try to perform such tests on your own.

• Limits can be fluid and may not apply evenly across all your instances.

HTTP Response headers 

Every call to the API returns information in the header about the percentage of your quota and limit that you have consumed:

  • x-quota-usage: {quota.usage}
  • x-throttle-usage: {throttle.usage}

It also contains two headers with a timestamp that indicates when your rate limit will be reset:

  • x-quota-reset: {quota.reset}
  • x-throttle-reset: {throttle.reset}

To view the current rate limits, click here.