Editor API Change log


  • No changes

Released 2021.09.07

  • New Feature: New endpoint POST /publication that allows to publish programmatically an instance to Test and/or Production.

Released 2021.08.10

  • We included new headers to the Knowledge Editor API to increase security.

Released 2020.12.09

  • The Editor API now double-checks the JWT signatures used in requests to prevent possible security vulnerabilities.

Released 2020.10.28

  • Fixed: We fixed the OPTIONS HTTP request so that the "try out" feature in the Developers Portal works.

Released 2020.08.19

  • Fixed: A bug was found in the Knowledge Editor API, where related contents were not always retrieved as expected. This is now fixed.

Released 2020.03.18

  • Added pagination in the GET /contents endpoint. It now returns the length, offset and total number of contents within a pagination object.

Released 2020.03.04

  • New: The PATCH /contents/{contentId} endpoint allows to update objects in all attributes and user types.
  • New: The POST /contents and PATCH /contents/{contentId} endpoints allow to modify publication and expiration dates per any user type
  • New: All endpoints that return contents retrieve publication and expiration dates per each user type

Released 2020.02.05

  • Added: There is a new endpoint called POST /contents/{contentId}/relatedContents. This endpoint allows to relate contents programmatically.
  • Added: There is a new endpoint called DELETE /contents/{contentId}/relatedContents. This endpoint allows to remove relations between contents programmatically.
  • Fixed: The proper error format is now used when the payload in the request or the response exceeds the maximum.

Version 1.0.0 (2020.01.22)

  • First release