The FAQ component is enclosed in a container element called inbenta-km__faqs. The FAQ loop itself has two main elements: inbenta-km__faq__title and inbenta-km__faq__body.

inbenta-km__faq__title has two sub-elements:

  • title__icon: an optional span allowing the placement of an icon/image before the title text.
  • title__faq: the main title container. It has two sub-elements::

    • title__faq__text: the title text
    • title__faq__icon: the title icon (visible by default).

    inbenta-km__faq__body has two sub-elements:

  • body__contents: displays the main FAQ content when it is open.
  • body__rating: the rating component. (This is a separate component. For more information, see the rating documentation page.)

Component image

Faq component image

HTML Structure

<div class="inbenta-km__faqs">
    <div class="inbenta-km__faq">
        <div class="inbenta-km__faq__title">
            <span class="title__icon"></span> 
            <div class="title__faq">
                <span class="title__faq__text">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</span> 
                <span class="title__faq__icon"></span>
        <div class="inbenta-km__faq__body">
            <div class="body__contents">
                <span class="body__contents__item">No vis molestie postulant, quo te tollit soluta dolorum. Eum viris nostrud ut. Vel ei torquatos philosophia definitionem.</span>
            <div class="body__rating">...</div>

CSS editable properties

Class Properties
.inbenta-km__faqs FAQ container, no properties
.inbenta-km__faq margin, padding, background-color, box-shadow, border-radius
FAQ title
.inbenta-km__faq__title padding, align-items, justify-content, position, z-index
.title__icon Optional icon placed in front of the title text. It can be modified using a :before pseudo-class, or by inserting a <img> tag.
.title__faq justify-content, align-items, flex-grow
.title__faq__text color, font-family, font-size, font-weight, line-height
.title__faq__icon The following properties can be modified using a :before pseudo-class: display, margin, font-family, font-size, font-weight, content, color
FAQ body
.inbenta-km__faq__body margin, padding, font-size, font-weight, line-height
.body__contents font-weight, padding, color
.body__contents__item margin