No Results

No Results

The "no results" component is nested in .inbenta-search-no-results. It has two elements:

  • .inbenta-search-no-results__header.inbenta-search-no-resuls__title
  • .inbenta-search-no-results__subtitle

These elements are types of titles using different font-sizes and colors.

Component image


HTML structure

<div class="inbenta-search-no-results">
  <div class="inbenta-search-no-results__header">
  <div class="inbenta-search-no-results__title">
     Sorry, we couldn't find any answers to your question.
  <div class="inbenta-search-no-results__subtitle">
     Please, try to rephrase your question with alternate words.

CSS editable properties

Class Css
inbenta-search-no-results structure, background, border, box-shadow, padding
inbenta-search-no-results__header padding, font, color
inbenta-search-no-results__title font, color
inbenta-search-no-results__subtitle font, color