API Direct answers

The Chatbot engine uses a set of static labels in order to return feedback to the user about different situations: when there are no results, when a webhook fails, when there are several options, etc. These preset answers are called Direct Answers. (This is not the same as Answer Types, which are the kind of answers that the Bot can return.)

The engine returns a flag in the endpoint POST /conversation/message. This flag indicates which generic message is returned. You can use this flag to detect any of these answers and replace the default message with the message of your choice.


Instances created on or after Q4 2018 include certain default content that is active by default: Welcome No Results, and All options discarded. When there is active default content, the engine does not return the Direct Answer flag. You can customize these and other Direct Answer (see the table and footnotes below). 

Flag Default English message Description
all-options-discarded1 It seems like none of the options I found are helpful. Please search for another word or phrase. After a user responds "no" to all proposed options in a set of check questions
character-limit-exceeded I'm sorry, the text of your question is over the max character limit (256 characters). Please enter a shorter word or phrase. When the user entered a message that is too long
conversation-error-message Looks like an error occurred and the last action could not be performed, but feel free to keep chatting with me! Returned when a directCall request failed
end-form2 Your inquiry has been submitted Default message when a form without webhook has finished
follow-up-question1 (previously conversation-link) Please tell me how else I can help you. When the user cancelled a form after they fail to complete it
form-continue Do you want to continue with this form? After a field error message
form-retry Would you like to try to fill in this form again? Ask whether the user wants to refill the form when the webhook returned a recoverable error (with information that indicates which fields were not valid)
generic-error-message The format of your answer is not valid When the user enters a invalid value in a form field, and there is no error message defined by the bot master
multiple-options Maybe these answers will help you When there are multiple options in a chained content, or there are multiple results (with no refinement), and of of the results does not have the check question attribute defined
no-question1 Please ask me a question When the user sent an empty message and the welcome message was already displayed
no-results1 Sorry, we couldn't find any answers to your question. No intent found
no-subset-match It seems like you want to talk about something else In multiple or chained, when the user enter a message with no NLS matching with the available options
refinement Please, give me some more information about what you want to know. When there are too many results and it needs to be refined
related-message3 You might also be interested in: When a content has related contents.
webhook-bad-request4 I'm sorry, we could not complete your request When a webhook returns an unexpected error or when it returns an expected error but the webhook does not have a chatbot_response configured.
webhook-wrong-field I'm sorry, we could not complete your request When the webhook returns a list of invalid fields, and the field do not appear in the current form. Not recoverable.
welcome1 Hello, how can I help you? First message in a conversation

1 You can customize these answers from your Chatbot app. Caution: If you customize a Direct Answer, the Chatbot API no longer returns the flag in the endpoint POST /conversation/message. For more information, see Customizing Direct Answers (This link redirects you to the Inbenta Help Center).
2 You can control whether or not to show the end-form Direct Answer from your Chatbot app (This link redirects you to the Inbenta Help Center).
3 This direct answer is returned inside an answer, in key parameters/contents/related/relatedTitle. There is no flag provided, as you can override the direct answer directly by replacing the relatedTitle property.
4 You can activate, deactivate or edit the webhook-bad-request Direct Answer from your Chatbot app (This link redirects you to the Inbenta Help Center).

Supported languages

For a list of all existing Direct Answers in the 30 languages that Inbenta Chatbot supports, click here.