SDK Change log


An SRI check is available for this SDK. For more information, see the SDK Subresource Integrity page.

Version 1.49.22 (2024.07.09)

  • The Search SDK now features a configuration option called compressResponses. It allows users to specify whether they want API responses to be returned compressed in gzip format. Compressing API responses significantly reduces their size.


  • No changes

Version 1.49.21 (2024.06.11)

  • We added a scrollTopWhenResultsChange configuration parameter in the Search SDK to allow users to configure if the page should scroll to the top or not, when the results change. The default value is true.

Version 1.49.20 (2024.05.14)

  • Fixed: The Search SDK was not automatically re-authenticating after the authentication token expired, resulting in failed searches. This is now fixed.

Version 1.49.19 (2024.04.03)

  • Fixed: The button in the expandable results component of the Search SDK was not displayed correctly in IE11 when using the teth-sunrise and space-cowboy skins. This is now fixed.

Version 1.49.18 (2023.11.02)

  • Fixed: The Search SDK expandableResults component was displayed closed and did not unfold when clicking the button to expand. This is now fixed, and the component opens to display the configured attributes.

Version 1.49.17 (2023.09.19)

  • We updated the Inbenta logo to the new design in the Search SDK.

Version 1.49.16 (2023.06.27)

  • Fixed: The template and transformData functions were not working in the RefinementList component. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: The Results component of the Search SDK did not allow the use of the transformData and templates functions at the same time. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: When users reloaded the page, a new request was made to get the autocompleter data, even though it was stored in session. This is now fixed.

Version 1.49.15 (2023.05.30)

  • Fixed: The deflection component scrolled to the top of the modal each time a user interacted with the ratings section. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: We updated dependencies in the Search SDK to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: When using the Search SDK with the autocompleter component, some unnecessary warnings were shown in the console. This is now fixed.

Version 1.49.14 (2023.05.03)

  • Fixed: The transformData option was not working in the semantic autocompleter component. This is now fixed.

Version 1.49.13 (2023.03.07)

  • Fixed: When using the SDK, the session was refreshed when the page was reloaded instead of being maintained. This is now fixed.

Version 1.49.11 (2023.02.07)

  • Added: We added new files to the Search SDK which can be used if IE compatibility is not needed. These new files prevent issues when integrating the Search SDK with Angular.

Version 1.49.10 (2023.01.24)

  • Fixed: In the Refinement tabs component, even when the user provided a specific position for the tab “_all” using the tabs parameter, the SDK was ignoring it and positioning this tab always in first position. This is now fixed.
  • Added: From now on, auto-scroll to the top of the results component will be applied whenever pagination or filter options are selected.
  • Added: We added a new feature to the Expandable results component. By using the new prop “displayLink“, the component will display a link to the original content page. This is especially useful if the component only displays a portion of the content, since it adds a link to the page that contains all the information.

Version 1.49.9 (2023.01.10)

  • Fixed: If Search SDK was used on a webpage where there was a version of Vue loaded before the SDK, some components were not working properly. We fixed it so Search SDK can be used on any page, independently of any other third party scripts.

Version 1.49.8 (2022.11.29)

  • Fixed: Clicking on content when using the middle mouse button/wheel to open a link was not tracked. We now track a click event when the mouse central/wheel button is used to open a link.

Version 1.49.7 (2022.11.15)

  • Fixed: When performing instant searches in the SDK using the Deflection component, the results were not aligned correctly. This is now fixed.

Version 1.49.6 (2022.07.26)

  • Fixed: In the SDK's Search Box component, the autofocus failed when implemented in an iframe from a different origin. This no longer occurs.
  • Added: We added a new object called storageClient to the SDK client. This object controls the SDK's data storage using the get and set methods. If you need to modify how we store your data (for example, to use a different medium for data storage), you can overwrite the object with the appropriate behavior. For more information, please refer to the documentation.

Version 1.49.5. (2022.06.28)

  • Added: Users can now add labels containing HTML to the Search SDK.

Version 1.49.4 (2022.05.17)

  • Fixed: The Search SDK was overwriting the Promise element prototype with fewer options than clients have. We fixed it.

Version 1.49.3 (2022.04.20)

  • Fixed: Implementing the Typeahead Autocompleter component and specifying the target option with the _self value, which is intended to open the autocompleter suggestion on the same page, returned an error that prevented the page from being opened. We fixed it.

Version 1.49.2 (2022.04.05)

  • From now on, the Pagination component will not appear in the SDK if there is only one page of results. In other words, no page numbers will be displayed in this case.

Version 1.49.1 (2021.12.14)

  • We did some security updates.

Version 1.49.0 (2021.11.30)

  • Fixed: The Typeahead Autocompleter component was not tracking the user query, but only the clicks on the autocompleter. We fixed the issue.
  • In the Tatooine Sunset skin, we added the proper styles to the Powered and Modal component sections, which did not have any.
  • We added an IE browser detection in SDK to add a better styling in the skins specifically prepared for IE browser.
  • We added variables to space-cowboy skin, so users can easily change the main colors of the skin.
  • We changed the CSS variable names in Imperial Black skin to make it easier for users to change the main colors of the skin. The new variables that control the colors are: primary, primary--hover and secondary.
  • We fixed two style issues in the Neutral skin: Stats component had a display:flex rule that should not be applied, and the Tabs scroll on responsive had a hover when disabled.

Version 1.48.2 (2021.11.16)

  • Fixed: On the version 1.48.1 we introduced a bug which made the SDK Builder functionality to require the parameter refinementLists in order to work as expected. We fixed it and this parameter is optional again.

Version 1.48.1 (2021.11.02)

  • Until now, the Builder functionality was displaying an empty Filters sidebar in the Search SDK when the set of results did not match any configured filters. We improved this so that the Filters sidebar is not displayed when there are no results to filter.

Version 1.48.0 (2021.10.19)

  • Fixed: When using the Semantic Autocompleter component in the Builder functionality, both the Semantic Autocompleter results and the Search results were connected. This means that doing a search in one component changed the results of the other one. This was unexpected, so we fixed it. From now on the Semantic Autocompleter and Results will have an independent set of results.
  • We applied a set of improvements to the Semantic Autocompleter component, so that it behaves as the Typeahead Autocompleter component. We changed the property resultsPerPage to maxResults, and added the missing options target and settingsToShow. See further information in the documentation.

Version 1.47.1 (2021.09.21)

Version 1.47.0 (2021.09.07)

  • New Feature: We are proud to introduce the new skin Teth Sunrise for the Search SDK. See the Skin section of the SDK Setup page for more details.

Version 1.46.1 (2021.08.24)

  • New feature: New SDK component Expandable results that provides a new way of displaying results with HTML elements.
  • New feature: New skin Tatooine Sunset for the Search SDK. See the Skin options of the SDK Configuration page for more details.
  • New feature: New skin Imperial Black for the Search SDK. See the Skin options of the SDK Configuration page for more details.
  • Added: We added an HTML sanitizer to prevent bad HTML tags to be displayed in your website. *Fixed: We removed some SDK libs that managed cookies, since Search SDK is not using cookies anymore and they are not needed.

Version 1.45.0 (2021.07.27)

  • Added: There is a new skin for the Search SDK. To use it, you only need to add the parameter skin 'neutral' to the SDK initialization. See further information in Search SDK Setup.

Version 1.44.2 (2021.07.13)

  • Fixed: In version 1.43.1 we introduced a bug: If Tabs or Refinement Lists components were used, different errors appeared in the browser debug console. It did not affect the components behavior. We fixed it.

  • Fixed: In the Autocompleter component, if the user used the arrow keys to navigate along the suggestions, the “See all results” option was never reached. We fixed it to ensure that this option is reachable using the keyboard.

Version 1.44.0 (2021.06.15)

  • Fixed: Semantic autocompleter component was ignoring the applied filters. We fixed it, so from now on the results will be affected by the filters chosen in the store.
  • We improved the Ocean flow skin CSS. We added CSS variables for the colors, which will allow users to easily modify the skin color palette.

Version 1.43.1 (2021.06.01)

  • Fixed: Due to a bug, the Refinement list component was not working properly for the Builder function since version 1.42.0. We fixed this issue.

Version 1.43.0 (2021.05.18)

  • Added: We added a new method to the SDK client that connects to the API endpoint GET /app/data/{dataId}. See further information in Search SDK JS Client.

Version 1.42.9 (2021.04.20)

  • Fixed: In the last version we introduced a bug in the Refinement tabs component. If the user clicked on a specific tab to refine results, the rest of the tabs disappeared (similar to the behavior of the faceted filters). We fixed this issue.

Version 1.42.8 (2021.04.06)

  • Fixed: Sometimes, due to latency issues, SDK prefiltering unexpectedly may return unfiltered results. We fixed this issue.
  • From this version on, you need to use Filter components to create filter types for the Refinement Lists component. The previous way of adding filters has been deprecated.

Version 1.42.7 (2021.03.23)

  • Fixed: In the SDK version 1.42.5 we introduced a bug that blocked the method setInputElement from the Autocompleter component. We fixed this issue, so the method is restored.
  • Added: We added a few role tags we lack in the Refinement Tabs component to make this component WCAG compliant.

Version 1.42.6 (2021.02.23)

  • Fixed: We fixed the behavior of the Autocompleter component to log clicks. Until now, a right click automatically opened the link page, and the Template element was not launching the click events. Both issues have been fixed.

Version 1.42.5 (2021.02.09)

  • Fixed: Removed development Vue warnings appearing in console when implementing the SDK in a page.

Version 1.42.4 (2021.02.09)

  • Fixed: Removed redundant code that caused warnings using Autocompleter component under certain implementations.

Version 1.42.3 (2020.12.23)

  • In the Searchbox component, the SetAutocompletermethod did not work when used before the components were loaded on the page. This is now fixed.
  • In the Searchbox component, the getInputElementmethod did not work when it was used on page load. It displayed an error until the components were created. This is now fixed.
  • Results from the Autocompleter component did not disappear after the search was performed. This is now fixed, so they become hidden after a new search is done.(PSRC-3702)
  • When the SDK received HTML entities encoding on the URL in the results, the SDK itself was not able to decode the characters. As a consequence, when users clicked on the result, the redirection was not correct. This is now fixed, so the URL is encoded correctly and the redirection works properly every time.
  • SDK Custom filtering did not work properly on IE11. This is now fixed so that it works as expected on any browser.
  • The Autocompleter component automatically binds the Tab key from the keyboard to moving across the different results. This is an unwanted behaviour and we have removed it. From now on, only the arrow keys function to move across the Autocompleter results.

Version 1.42.0 (2020.09.30)

  • Fixed: Since Search SDK v1.39.0, the pagination component did not work as expected when used along with the Force filters functionality, the component did not worked as expected. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: Since version 1.35.0, the "{{{clickable}}}" functionality in SDK templates did not work properly and elements did not track the clicks. This is now fixed.

Version 1.41.0 (2020.08.05)

  • Fixed: A bug was found in the behaviour of the Autocompleter component, where queries that had words using camelcase (e.g. "createEnvelope") returned unexpected results. This is now fixed.
  • Added: Until now the SDK used cookies to store the session ID. From now on, this information moves to Local storage. This is to avoid conflicts with third party cookies in client pages.
  • New feature: We added a new skin to the SDK called Ocean Flow. To use it, simply define this skin in the initial configuration of the SDK.

Version 1.40.2 (2020.06.10)

  • Fixed: Some SDK components did not validate HTML correcty because certain attributes were misused. We removed these attributes and this is now fixed. This does not affect user experience.
  • Fixed: When users added components Sort by and Results per page in a website, they did not appear right and users needed to adjust the CSS to display them correctly. This is now fixed: We improved the default layout so that these components display as expected.

Version 1.40.1 (2020.05.27)

  • Fixed: There was an issue with the warning message that appears on the Developer console when using Refinement Tabs component. This is now fixed.

Version 1.40.0 (2020.05.27)

  • Fixed: Last SDK version (1.39.0) introduced a small bug. When using refinement lists filters or tabs components, the developer's console displayed a warning. It had no effect at all in the functionality. This is now fixed.
  • Added: Improved the Tabs component functionality in Search SDK. Until now, "All results" tab was forced to be the first one, but we have provided a new configuration option where it can be reordered.
  • Added: All SDK components are now updated to follow the main accessibility guidelines of WCAG 2.1. From now on, users can use the new SDK skin to adapt these components to WCAG.guidelines.

Version 1.39.0 (2020.05.13)

  • Added: The Search SDK now offers a new filter component type called "Custom". As its name indicates, this new filtering component allows you to develop any kind of filtering component you might need that the SDK does not have by default.
  • Updated: We updated some SDK components to follow the main accessibility guidelines of WCAG 2.1. The updated components are search box, results, no results, refinement lists, refinement tabs and pagination. From now on, the SDK will have a new skin available that contains the changes that adapt these components to WCAG.
  • Fixed: The Search SDK did not update the tabs component with the forced filters parameter values, although results were affected. This is now fixed.

Version 1.38.0 (2020.04.29)

  • Inbenta Search now has the ability to perceive the language of its users. You can use this new feature with multi-language related instances to detect the language of the users and redirect them to the proper site. Note that to benefit from the Language Detector, clients must implement a new function in the JS client and a new API endpoint. For more information, see Language Detection.

Version 1.37.1 (2020.04.15)

  • When Search SDK was performing a request against Auth API, it was sending an undefined auth token. We fixed this behavior because it was not correct. This had no effect on user experience.

Version 1.37.0 (2020.03.04)

  • Starting from version 1.37.0, the Search SDK counts the "right mouse button" click as a click event. Because users can use this action to open a content, as they do with the left button, it made sense to provide the same solution for both actions.
  • Fixed: Release 1.36.0 introduced a bug, where the Semantic Autocompleter component stopped logging clicks. This is now fixed.

Version 1.36.0 (2020.02.19)

  • To avoid unexpected behaviors, the SDK now loads after the CSS. This has no effect on the performance of your SDKs.

Version 1.35.1 (2020.01.22)

  • Fixed: Version 1.35.0 of the Search SDK introduced an error in the handling of /apis request. It caused the SDK Client to sometimes lose the API URL under some specific configurations. This is now fixed.

Version 1.35.0 (2019.12.11)

  • Using Search SDK, the user could navigate through autocompleter options using the "Tab" key but the autocompleter would not react to the action ( there was no visual effect on the suggestion). This behavior is now fixed and the suggestions appear selected, as if navigating with the arrow keys.
  • Fixed expirationTime parameter from Search SDK. With release 3.44 a bug was introduced that made this feature fail, and the token was not automatically requested after the expirationTime. It had no affectation, because SDK automatically performs a refresh if a request fails.
  • Until now, the Search SDK used the date and time from the user's browser to determine if the access token had expired or not. This was risky because the user may not be using the correct time for its timezone and this can lead to token expirations that are longer or shorter than expected. From now on, the Search SDK calculates the expiration time independently from the time defined by the user.

Version 1.34.0 (2019.11.13)

  • New: Added a new parameter in Search SDK that provides users a way of change the entry point for the requests sent from the SDK (see SDK configuration). Using the new connectionEntryPoint parameter, you can use the entry point that suits you better.
  • Updated: Local Storage is an important piece of the Search SDK and some functionalities from the SDK may stop working when it is full or deactivated. To prevent this, we made some changes to make sure that the SDK can work, even when the user has issues with Local Storage.

Version 1.33.0 (2019.10.30)

  • Fixed: A bug was found when using templates in the Results component, where a click on the highlighted word of a result title was not logged. This is now fixed.

Version 1.32.2 (2019.10.02)

  • Fixed: A bug was found in the Semantic autocompleter component that caused an unexpected behavior. When the user wrote a query with results then removed this query, results remained onscreen. Even if the user clicked outside the input then clicked again in the empty input, the results would display again without query. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where using the template functionality in the "Results" component prevented users from using the HTML sanitizer. This could cause for example that titles containing "&" displayed "amp;". This issue only affected templates functionality. Use of default display was not affected.

Version 1.32.0 (2019.09.04)

  • Added: We created a new method in the SDK Store that allows users to return the SDK to its initial state, as if there were no queries.
  • Fixed: A bug was found, where the Typeahead Autocomplete component did not use the "forceFilters" parameter to define a filter for suggestions. This is now fixed.

Version 1.31.0 (2019.08.07)

  • Added: We added the space (" ") character to the default triggers in Semantic Autocompleter.
  • We updated description of setInputElement method to include actions .
  • Added: There is a new Advanced Search Option called applySplitQueryMaxCharacters in store property advancedSearchOptions. This lets you set the max number of characters that a query should have to split.
  • We clarified the option searchParams and updated the screenshots in the SDK builder page.
  • We updated the description and added new examples to the SDK Components page.

Version 1.30.0 (2019.07.24)

  • Added: In the Search store, we added
    • advancedSearchOptions to properties in the "Searching with the store" section.
    • retryQuery, retryWithoutAdvancedOptions and advancedSearchOptions to properties in the "Reading the store state" section.
  • We updated the stats component with new options and samples images.

Version 1.29.0 (2019.07.10)

  • Added: When set as popover, the Autocompleter component now uses the width of the linked input automatically.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where the Semantic Autocompleter no longer disappeared after the user performed a query. This is now fixed.

Version 1.28.2 (2019.06.26)

  • We updated the default HTML of the Instants component to improve its look.

Version 1.28.1 (2019.05.29)

  • Fixed: A bug was found that affected the parameter type in the SDK Builder. The parameter was not working under some options. This is now fixed.

Version 1.28.0 (2019.05.29)

  • Added: There are two new methods called unlinkAll and unlinkFromInput in the following components: Instant, Instant Answers and Last Chance. Both methods provide a way to remove linked inputs from the components.
  • Added: There is a new option called maxResults in the Autocompleter component. This option allows users to set the number of suggestions the autocompleter displays.
  • Added: There is a new parameter option called type in the SDK Builder. This new option allows users to select the type of UI that they want to built. The current available options are a standard UI, a UI with Semantic autocompleter, or a UI that uses the “Instant results” component instead of “Results”.
  • From now on, when the user hits “enter” when the focus is on a suggestion in the Semantic autocompleter, the page will redirect to the URL for this suggestion.
  • The Searchbox component now maintains the user query after the user sends the request. Previously, the query was removed after showing the results.

Version 1.27.0 (2019.05.15)

  • Starting from version 1.27.0, the SDK sends its version to the API with each request. This version is stored and can be displayed in the Product apps Dashboard when set accordingly.
  • Until now, the Results component usually displayed the Titles in capital letters. From now on, this is no longer the case.
  • There is a new event in the Search SDK Client. This event triggers when an authentication error occurs. This allows implementations to add custom behaviors if there is any issue related to authentication.
  • Fixed: A bug was found where the Last chance component was showing briefly when the query had no results, if the user had done a previous search that resulted in a Last chance earlier. This is now fixed.

Version 1.26.0 (2019.05.07)

  • Components Instants, Instant results and Semantic autocompleter only checked the last character of the text to apply or not the debounceTime, depending on the trigger characters. This meant that if the user for some reason started writing text elsewhere than the end of the query, there was a possibility the debounce time was ignored.
  • Enhanced the Autocompleter and Semantic autocompleter components so they behave like popovers. This makes it easier to implement these components in client pages without styling conflicts.

Version 1.25.0 (2019.04.17)

  • There is a new title parameter in the following components: Results, instants, instant results and last chance. This parameter allows users to change the attribute used as a title. By default, the value of this parameter is "highlightedTitle".

Version 1.24.2 (2019.04.03)

  • Fixed: Source functionality was sending "null" value as default

Version 1.24.1 (2019.04.03)

  • New function in the JS Client allows to retrieve the session. This is useful for the developers that want to use the session id to filter by session in Dashboards.

Version 1.24.0 (2019.04.03)

  • There is a new log property called "source", that allows developers to filter logs and reports by their source in the Dashboards when required.

Version 1.23.0 (2019.03.06)

  • The SDK store can now modify the maxResults parameter to a minimum automatically if the search does not use filters, sorting, or pagination. This improves the performance speed of the system as it reduces the number of non-relevant content retrieved.

Version 1.22.1 (2019.02.20)

  • Fixed: Sometimes, when the information processed by the Autocompleter contained special characters that were encoded (e.g. the ampersand (&) is encoded as &), these characters were being matched by the autocompleter. This is now fixed and the Autocompleter now ignores the codification of special characters
  • Fixed: Sometimes, the Autocompleter component obtains data from the Local Storage in the user's browser. When the Local Storage is over its memory limit, the autocompleter could not get the data, and sent queries continuously to the API. This behaviour is now fixed.

Version 1.22.0 (2019.02.06)

  • Fixed: Modifying the facets and doing a query on the same tick created two different queries when using IE and Safari. Now it just creates one query with all the needed information
  • Fixed: SortBy component was not updating the results with the new sorting. This is now fixed and the results are now updated with the different sortings, as needed.
  • New: Added three new parameters to the SDK Client configuration. They allow users to prevent the SDK from making unneeded requests to the API.
  • Modified the current Instants component behaviour to boost its performance. This is done by modifying the maxResults parameter dynamically on the queries.

Version 1.21.1 (2018.12.19)

  • Fixed: Router component was duplicating queries

Version 1.21.0 (2018.12.19)

  • Fixed: Removed "Results per page" component when no search has been made.
  • Fixed: Avoid "flash" when modifying the number of results on the SDK Last chance component.
  • Fixed: When the router component was moving back from the first result, the SDK results did not change at all. It now hides the search results.
  • Fixed: The SDK was not using the correct "attributes" parameter when doing requests against the API.
  • Eliminated the loader "flash" without styles that happened sometimes.
  • The SDK was doing an automatic refresh connection with the Domain token when the access token expired. This connection was removed because it is no longer needed with the deferred connection.

Version 1.20.5 (2018.12.12)

  • Modified untilReady method from client, so it automatically resolves the promise.
    • Besides that, this method is deprecated: With the deferred auth, it is no longer needed.
  • Fixed: error introduced on version 1.20.3. Refreshing the token failed due to a loss of the API URLs.
  • Removed unnecessary calls to /apis endpoint: It is no longer needed because the /auth endpoint now returns the same information.

Version 1.20.4 (2018.11.23)

  • Fixed: client was returning 403 using the Domain Key

Version 1.20.3 (2018.11.22)

  • Fixed: untilReady method should return the client instance for backwards compatibility

Version 1.20.2 (2018.11.22)

  • Update method untilReady in client to return automatically a solved promise (this method is deprecated using the delayed auth)

Version 1.20.1 (2018.11.21)

  • We modified the SDK initialization to delay auth requests until an API request happens. This reduces the number of requests in case the SDK is not actually used.
  • Update to the autocompleter component: Enhance the setInputElement method to also listen to new character inputs to updates the query.
  • Update to the last chance component: When tracking "Contact submit" event, it will now log the user question.

Version 1.19.1 (2018.11.09)

  • Last chance will split user queries

Version 1.19.0 (2018.11.07)

  • Fixed: Builder shows filters tab when no filters are selected
  • Fixed: Stats default label missing "-"
  • Fixed: Forced tabs appearing even when no search is made
  • Fixed: Cache consecutive user queries using Session
  • Fixed: User question does not get logged in Autocompleter clicks
  • Fixed: When the last chance loads, the page flashes
  • Fixed: Instant Answers popper appears twice when is closed quickly
  • Documentation: added autocomplete component click tracking
  • Added: "source" parameter to autocompleter component
  • New events in Instants component: show and hide
  • No error thrown when component target does not exist
  • Semantic autocompleter should return the highlighted title
  • New component: Instant results

Version 1.18.0 (2018.10.17)

  • Added: New label for instants component
  • Fixed: Instants component focused by default over the input on mobile devices
  • Fixed: When using async data load, Autocompleter component did not update the results automatically after the data is loaded
  • Fixed: Clicks on 'results', 'instants' and 'lastChance' components were not logged when the target of the 'a' elements was '_self'
  • Fixed: Prevent XSS Injection in (Router + Stats) component combination

Version 1.17.1 (2018.10.03)

  • Increased default cache time for /apis and autocompleter data
  • Fixed: Contact submit in last chance was not emitting correctly
  • Fixed: Data Key Contact_start did not trigger if there were no results (instants component)
  • Fixed: Results templates was adding an extra div tag
  • Fixed: Autocompleter did not work on IE11

Version 1.17.0 (2018.09.19)

  • New component: Semantic autocompleter
  • New method: setAutocompleter
  • Fixed: Fix visible margin when no results and fix NoResults message not appearing
  • Fixed: 500 error when clicking on autocompleter suggestions
  • Fixed: Result count in 'All' takes value from current tab

Version 1.16.1 (2018.08.22)

  • Fixed: an issue was found where the ALL tab counted 0 results. The tab now displays the correct number.

Version 1.16.0 (2018.08.22)

  • Deprecated throttle in favor of debounce for the instants component
  • Improved the speed of the facet count

Version 1.15.0 (2018.08.08)

  • Modified the Logs flow to:
    • Add session to deflection tools
    • Auto-log searches in session
  • Changed "No results" label
  • Added cache for /auth and /apis
  • Fixed: Instant Answers not appearing where it should the first time

Version 1.14.2 (2018.07.17)

  • Change autocompleter filtering to be stricter.

Version 1.14.1 (2018.07.17)

  • Add templates options to the following components: Autocompleter.
  • Fixed: Fix Autocompleter component issue introduced in 1.14.0

Version 1.14.0 (2018.07.11)

  • Add templates options to the following components: Results, RefinementLists, RefinementTabs, Stats
  • Improve the RefinementTabs.sortBy option so it sorts forced tabs too.
  • Fixed: Fix cases where autocompleter couldn't find any results.

Version 1.13.0 (2018.06.13)

  • Use different kinds of highlighting, depending on exact matching, semantic expansion or correction
  • Reduce number of Requests for Instant Answers. Default throttle value set to 2s
  • Fixed: Event "result" from searchStore called multiple times
  • Fixed: Search SDK Projects have a flicker on results page
  • Fixed: Filter + Pagination on last page does not dynamically change page number

Version 1.12.0 (2018.05.30)

  • Add prefiltering options to SDK

Version 1.11.0 (2018.05.16)

  • Fix: "Fields to show" for autocomplete show as array
  • Fix: Pagination doesn't show error if you are accessing to a page that doesn't exist
  • Fix: Autocompleter from SearchBox won't close if input loses focus
  • Only load autocompleter file when the user focus the input
  • Cache autocompleter data in local storage

Version 1.10.0 (2018.05.02)

  • Fix: Autocomplete does not work by components
  • Fix: Autocompleter fails when the word contains a "ñ" letter
  • Fix: Autocompleter only matchs with first word
  • Minify SDK javascript file
  • Transform Autocompleter component data
  • Transform results data

Version 1.9.0 (2018.04.18)

  • Fix: Sanitize all untrusted input displayed in the HTML pages of the application
  • Fix: Clicking outside the Searchbar doesn't close autocompleter

Version 1.8.0 (2018.04.04)

  • Fix: Autocompleter adds 2 times the class inbenta-search-autocompleter__link
  • Fix: SDK doesn't use alternative titles
  • Fix: Always set the "Secure" attribute when the cookie should be sent via HTTPS only
  • Fix: Unsafe Links
  • Fix: Prevent error when calling with no options
  • Allow changing the value of filters and tabs

Version 1.7.1 (2018.03.27)

  • Fix: Autocompleter adds 2 times the class inbenta-search-autocompleter__link

Version 1.7.0 (2018.03.22)

  • Fix: Cannot remove filters if there are no results

Version 1.6.2 (2018.03.07)

  • Infrastructure update: Previous versions deprecated

Version 1.5.0 (2018.02.07)

  • Fix: Allow customizing the icon in the refinement tabs
  • Fix: Tab arrow wrappers are always shown
  • Fix: Add split query functionality only for instant answers and last chance
  • SDK Layout Improvements

Version 1.4.0 (2018.01.24)

  • Fix SearchStore's sortBy
  • Fix unavoidable exception when creating refinement-lists component
  • Fix: Route hash appears in the URL even if no router is instantiated
  • Fix: Accessibility problem in FAQs
  • Add MATCH rating component
  • Create "setQuery" method on results component
  • SearchStore must wait until ready before sending search requests
  • Search store should emit events

Version 1.3.1 (2018.01.10)

  • Fix: Crash in refinement lists

Version 1.3.0 (2018.01.10)

  • Feat: Add deflection tools
  • Feat: Redesign SDK Search Tab Arrows
  • Feat: Validate disabled style for tab arrows
  • Fix: Layout breaks using some queries sometimes

Version 1.2.0 (2017.12.13)

  • Feat: Add External Click methods.
  • Fix: Responsive issue with the tabs.
  • Fix: Tabs were moving even when they fit the screen.
  • Fix: Added "Accept" CORS header.

Version 1.1.0 (2017.11.28)

  • Fix example error related with refienement-lists in sdk/components
  • Better explanation about pagination padding
  • Fix bug that SDK do not load without labels in configuration
  • Add total count of results in the "all" tab
  • Show all objects from a setting instead the first one when set it in attributes in results component
  • Style: add word-wrap mixin in all components
  • Fix bug that show filter when there were no values

Version 1.0.1 (2017.11.10)

  • fix: example error related with refienement-lists in sdk/components
  • docs: better explanation about pagination padding
  • fix: bug that SDK do not load without labels in configuration
  • feat: add total count of results in the "all" tab
  • refactor: show all objects from a setting instead the first one when set it in attributes in results component
  • style: add word-wrap mixin in all components
  • fix: bug that show filter when there were no values

Version 1.0.0 (2017.11.10)

  • Initial release

Version 0.x.x

  • Alpha version